Plenty of Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan/Dairy Free Choices always available

Marinades’ Homemade Pumpkin and Callaloo Soup (Vegan)(GF*)
A tasty home-made soup served with West Indian Hard Dough Bread.  GF bread available - £4.50
Ackee and Saltfish (GF*)
Jamaica's national dish.   Jamaican ackees, salted cod, sweet peppers, onions, hot pepper, thyme and fresh tomato with a dash of coconut milk and served with West Indian Hard Dough bread and mixed leaves.  GF Bread available - £6.50
Marinades' Jerk Chicken Roti
Pieces of Jerk Chicken with Peppers and Onions in our hot and spicy Jamaican Jerk Sauce and served wrapped in a warm Chakki Roti Bread - £5.50

Mango & Avocado Salad (Vegan) - 2 classic Caribbean fruits combined in a herby salad with a tangy lime dressing - 4.75

Marinades Gambas (GF)
A surfeit of prawns and one of our most popular appetisers.  Juicy butterflied King Prawns, baby prawns, and whole prawns sautéed in olive oil with pepper, onions, lemon, garlic and white wine on a bed of salad - £6.75
Garlic Potatoes (V) (GF)
New potatoes sautéed with fresh garlic and then tossed in garlic mayonnaise and served with crisp salad leaves (Vegan without the mayo) - £4.95
Grilled Sardines (GF)
Whole Sardines straight from the Char-Grill drizzled with a lemon and garlic butter sauce and served with a crisp salad - £5.75
Sautéed Plantain (Vegan)
Slices of fresh, ripe plantain, sauteed and served with a johnny cake (fried dumpling) and topped with home-made tomato and mango salsa - £4.75


The prices shown for all main courses (with the exception of Jambalaya) are inclusive of Sauteed Mixed Vegetables and your choice of Rice & Peas (recommended West Indian accompaniment) or seasoned new potatoes.

Curry Goat (GF)
Traditional Caribbean dish for special occasions. Pieces of British Goat leg and shoulder, some still on the bone, seasoned with a special blend of Caribbean curry spices and slowly cooked in the dutch pot until rich and tender. With a similar taste to mutton this dish is spiced to a medium strength, contains some pieces of bone, and can be toned down on request - £11.95
Jambalaya (GF)
A house favourite offering a little bit of everything! A spicy mixture of seafood, chicken, chorizo, ham, peppers, onions and hot peppers with saffron, wine and paprika infused long grain rice. Served with a fresh, mixed salad - £14.95
Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken or Jerk Sirloin (GF)
Best British cuts of meat marinated and seasoned in spices, char-grilled over hot coals, and served with our own hot & spicy Jerk sauce.
Av. 8 oz British Pork Loin Steaks £12.95 – Av. 7-8oz British Chicken breast and wing quarter £11.95 – Av. 8oz British Aged Sirloin Steak £16.95 (all weights are average and pre-cooked)

Peri-Peri Chicken (GF)
Char-Grilled British Chicken breast and wing quarter marinated in spicy peri-peri (chilli) seasoning and served with our home-made spicy tomato and peri-peri sauce - £11.95
Sirloin Steak with Red Wine & Onions
A tender 8oz succulent cut of British Butcher's aged sirloin, char-grilled to your liking and served in a rich red wine and onion gravy - £16.95
Guava Glazed Pork (GF)
Another Marinades' signature. Average 8oz tender British pork loin steaks marinated in spices, char-grilled over hot coals and presented in a deliciously sweet and delicately spiced Guava fruit and wine glaze.  An unbelievable taste! - £12.95
Hake Fish with Breadfruit in a Creamy Coconut Rundown Sauce (GF)
A generous hake fish steak sourced from the local fish market, seasoned and served with pieces of breadfruit in a  rich and creamy coconut rundown sauce (a traditional sauce for fish in the West Indies) - £12.50
Fillet of Sea Bream with Sweet Potato Chips and Chilli & Coconut Butter (GF)
Lightly seasoned sea bream fillet pan-fried with a light cornmeal crust and served with hand cut sweet potato chips and topped with a slice of chilli and coconut infused butter - £13.95

Yam Bubble and Squeak (Vegan) (GF)
One of our most popular vegan dishes. A home-made pan-fried vegan patty of white and yellow yam, sweet potato, squash, callaloo, red onions, peppers and herbs.  Served on a bed of wilted spinach and red onion and drizzled with a sweet mango syrup.  A Caribbean take on a British classic - £10.95

Trini Doubles with Breadfruit and Callaloo (V)
Traditional and hugely popular fayre from Trinidad and Tobago.  Delicious spicy curried channa (chickpeas) and alloo (potato) topped with a mango and tamarind chutney and sandwiched between two pieces of bara (a special seasoned home-made flat bread) and served on a bed of Callaloo and Breadfruit - £10.25

On the Side:
Fried Dumplings (V*) 2.50, Fried Plantain (V*)(GF) 2.50, Hard-Dough Bread (V*) 1.00, Gluten-Free Bread (V*)(GF) 1.50,  Home-made Coleslaw (GF) 2.50, French Fries (V*)(GF) 2.75, Sweet Potato Chips (V*)(GF) 3.25, Garlic Bread 2.75 (Vegan available on request), Mixed Salad (V*)(GF) 2.75, Rice and Peas (V*)(GF) 2.75, Seasoned New Potatoes (V*)(GF) 2.75



(Dairy Free/Vegan Ice cream available on request)

Marinades’ Home Made Rum and Toffee Bananas (GF)
Baked bananas, dates and brazil nuts in a deliciously sweet toffee sauce laced with Caribbean white rum (contains Butter, Nuts & Gelatine)
Served hot with rich Vanilla Ice cream - £5.95
Home Made Treacle Tart (V)
Classic comfort dessert served hot with your choice of Cream - £4.50 or rich Vanilla Ice Cream - £4.95
Home Made Sweet Potato Pudding (Vegan)(GF)
A Caribbean delicacy.  Sweet Potato, Coconut Milk, vanilla pods, raisins and spices served hot with Cream - £4.95 - or Vanilla Ice Cream -£5.50.
Home-Made Chocolate Mango Brownie (V) (GF) (Dairy Free)
A home-made gluten and dairy-free chocolate brownie studded with fresh mango, drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce and served with locally made coconut ice cream - £5.50

Dairy Free Vanilla Icecream (Vegan) (GF) - 4.75
Mango or Passionfruit Sorbet (Vegan)(GF)
Locally made, refreshing and light and topped with mango syrup - £3.95
A selection of locally made Ice Cream (V) (GF)
1 Flavour - £3.75, 2 Flavours - £4.25
Rich Vanilla, Rum and Raisin, Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry







Enjoy your visit to Marinades?